「iPhone 8」はこんな感じか?というコンセプト動画、やっとくるか有機ELの曲面ディスプレイ?

登場から10週年となったiPhoneですが、Concepts iPhoneから「iPhone 8」のコンセプト動画が出てますね。

「iPhone 8」はこんな感じか?というコンセプト動画

iPhone 8 – “10th Anniversary iPhone” on YouTube

5.8インチで有機EL・曲面ディスプレイが搭載。Touch IDはディスプレイに埋め込まれてますね。端末の薄さは6.9mmとのこと。

ワイヤレス充電に対応し、素材は「ジルコニア セラミックス(Zirconia Ceramic)」・・・歯科で使われ始めたセラミックらしいね。


“It’s been 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone, this is the 10th Anniversary iPhone.”
Say hello to the iPhone 8. When the ancient material meets modern technology.


– 5.8 Inch Curved OLED Display

– Touch sensitive lower bezel ( ability to use different gestures )

– Thinner than ever ( 6.9mm )

– Smart connector with Wireless charging

– Body from Zirconia Ceramic ( Zirconia ceramic is a highly durable and lightweight material, it allows electronic waves to move between other devices without interference and is well heat resistant. )

– New Capacitive touch Home Button ( Touch ID is integrated into the display, making the bottom bezel touch sensitive. )

And sooooo much more!!!

Tell us what do you think about this incredible concept!

iPhone 8 – “10th Anniversary iPhone”